One of the best dedicated server hosting companies around!

Great server performance, and a great technical support staff makes us one of the best dedicated web hosting companies around. Our dedicated web hosting offering is geared to organizations that want the best server performance, the best network performance, network availability and technical support at a reasonable and predictable price. We cater to organizations that want the assurance that their hosting provider is an expert in the managed server environment. The following are some of the key benefits of our managed dedicated service.

High Performance Hardware

We offer top of the line dedicated servers using high performance Intel Quad Core CPUs, Intel solid-state drives and hi-performance DDR memory. High performance hardware is a wise investment for the best dedicated web hosting services and we custom build each server right here at the data center to insure we know every square inch of your machine and can replace or repair it at a moment’s notice.

Great Network Performance

For optimal throughput, the choice of a backbone provider really matters. That is why we select Cutting Edge Communications who has carefully crafted a combination of the leading backbone provider, with the excellent ability to route traffic optimally and respond quickly to any type of network issue.

Data Center and Server Availability

With multiple feeds from major backbone providers, battery backup, proximity to police and fire station (just next door) our data center is capable of eCommerce grade hosting. Within the data center, our network is designed and managed in-house to ensure performance and responsiveness. In the unlikely event that your server experiences a major failure, our superior hosting platform allows us to restore your environment in short order.

Value Pricing

Low teaser prices are rampant in our industry. You buy and then you find that you don’t have crucial services that you absolutely must have unless you pay more. We offer a full service package with the key services you need for a reasonable price.

Technical Support

Price is what you pay once a month, but support is what you need every day. Our technical support staff is knowledgeable and responsive. We will give you the outstanding personal service you need.

Managed Services – The following services are included with all dedicated server plans:

  • 24/7/365 technical support by telephone (Enterprise Plan)
  • Email and Phone Support
  • 24/7/365 response to automatic notification when the dedicated server is down (ping monitoring)
  • Server upgrades and replacement servers at no charge
  • Monitoring CPU, disk and memory usage
  • Large data transfer allowance, with low prices for overages
  • Custom firewall rules
  • Responsive phone and technical support
  • Pre-built dedicated standby servers for fast recovery of any server outage
  • Software updates and backup schedules maintained by our expert in-house staff

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