Solid State Drives vs hdd

Solid State Drives vs hdd

SecureWebs uses solid state drives rather than hdd drives.  Hard disk failure is a common occurrence. The reason is simple – wear and tear. Just like any good old machine with mechanical components that move, hard disc drives tend to deteriorate over time. Secure Webs offers solid state drives reliability.

solid state drive image

a solid state drive

Solid State Drive Speed

With the very fast paced lifestyle these days, most businesses are time-bound and cannot afford a slowing down in their transactions. Typical access time for a SSD is about 35 – 100 micro-seconds, whereas that of a rotating disk is around 5,000 – 10,000 micro-seconds. That makes a solid state drives roughly 100 times faster than a rotating disk.

Solid State Drive Reliability

In terms of reliability, conventional HDDs pale when compared to SSDs. The absence of mechanical arms and spinning platters is the reason behind its reliability. Our Intel SSD’s are estimated to last for 134 years between failures.

Automated Server Monitoring

We have an automated server monitoring program that checks for the health conditions of each and every server. We maintain our servers so that they will be in top-shape conditions at all times. We have good reasons for calling ourselves SecureWebs. You won’t find the same performance at this price anywhere!

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