Best Network Providers

Best Network Providers

Offering the best network providers & latest router technology, BGP4 (Border Gateway Protocol). If one network has a crisis, it is quarantined & server operation continues everywhere  else. SecureWebs network providers employ BGP4 (Border Gateway Protocol), the latest router technology. We are now deploying a fantastic trio of best backbone providers, and should anything happen to one of them the speed of your service will not be affected. Any one of our high quality network providers can carry the entire load.

Now that we are building some of the world’s fastest solid-state servers, we are not willing to have them slowed down by second rate backbone Providers.

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Best Backbone Providers

Handling the bulk of our traffic are best backbone providers called Level 3, Abovenet, Sprint and Savvis.

In addition we have another 90+ peering relationships that can help provide the shortest routes possible. All of these come to us via the country’s most wired city—Seattle, Washington.

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Forbes annual list of the 30 most connected cities in US, has Seattle in the number one spot, which makes their “meeting room” a great place to connect to other networks.

All Fiber Connections

SecureWebs hosts the best network providers and connectivity we have ever had as a business.

Our network no longer uses copper (except for server Cat6 patch cables). In fact, we relocated our data center in 2007 just so we could replace our dedicated circuits like T3′s (traditional local copper network lines) with all-fiber connections that have no limit on the available bandwidth. This allows us to service any number of high bandwidth clients providing streaming services for audio, video, loading graphics and ensuring overall quicker website response time.
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