SpamCop is controversial

Welcome to our modern world, my world. We had been recommending Gmail even over our own mail system until they started to charge $50 a year per account. Both are good, but nobody dares to screw with Gmail servers. Client software has these “built-in send an abuse complaint buttons” and so if you don’t like the email by all means click that button – does not matter if you requested to be on someone’s list last year and don’t know how to get off or filter or setup a rule to send to your junk mail folder. Just hit that abuse button and fire off a complaint.SpamCop image

SpamCop is very controversial at best because third parties that don’t send spam are affected when an IP address they use becomes listed on the SCBL because of reports that accuse their IP address of being a spam/UBE source. This can happen because their IP address is shared with many other customers of their mail service provider. And as I mention, it is often the result of malicious, careless or over-zealous reporting of spam.

SpamCop blacklists lasts for 21 hours according to their website. We can’t do anything about it really. Wish we could. Wish I could sue some blacklists that are as unethical as the spammers. And another issue with SpamCop is they blast their abuse complaint emails all the way up the IP provider list.  In other words, if they are your hosting company IP’s and you are solely responsible, they will still send an abuse complaint to your upstream provider in an effort, I suppose, to embarrass you or otherwise add to punishment.  In effect, for every spam that is created they themselves produce several more emails – sort of like a spammer themselves.
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