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Check out our site marketing seo. Do you want more people to visit your site? We can show you ways to make your site instantly more available to people everywhere. That is called search engine optimization. We can help you fix your seo mistakes; we provide internet marketing and web site promotion services. Seo problems with WordPress? We can help you with that too.

If you feel that you are getting very few visits to your site, the problem is that your site has minimal, or poor, or flawed search engine optimization.

Fix Common SEO Problems

Your site may not even be indexed by Google. You may have duplication of content on your site, a big no-no. You may have links which are unreadable by Google search (such as menu bars written in JavaScript). You may have an all Flash site, very beautiful, but 90% unreadable to search. You may have bad spelling and grammar running through page after page of your site, and one of Google’s numerous algorithms will rank your site very low for that alone (yes, there are page rankings in search, and they are very important). You may have two title tags on a page (instead of the one allowed by search), and that can mess up indexing, disastrously, on Google. We have come across all of these problems many times in seo analysis. These are only a few of the problems that can plague a site.

And strangest of all: many web designers don’t seem to know these are problems!

Common Technical SEO Problems

The truth is that most web designers do not know much about getting your website recognized by Google or Bing or Yahoo, and they do not how to get your site on the Google index, or how to get your site high up in Google rankings. And they don’t have the slightest idea how to use analytics software to show what pages are weak and which ones are strong, and hundreds of other things. In fact, SEO is hardly taught in any college computer courses. And yet search optimization is the most important thing about getting your website seen. Nothing is more important. Nothing!

We can show you ways to get more people to recommend you and your site in more places. That will raise your rankings in Google Search.

Fix Common SEO Problems: the First Ten Most Important

The ten  most important things you need to get seen on a SERP (search engine rendering page).

  1. Content, content, content. Content must be original. Google algorithms can detect duplicate content all over the world. Don’t duplicate; don’t  copy unless you know how to tell Google search that this is a copy. Too much duplicate content can get you thrown off the Google index.
  2. Content Two. Write original content, hopefully, content that will be instructive and helpful for your visitors. I have seen 90’s style sites with those awful backgrounds ranking on Google 1 because they possess original, high content. High content will get you high ranking
  3. Keywords. Keywords are really keyword phrases. A phrase like “internet marketing site” is a keyword. Every month 730 million people type in a phrase that has these three words. You need keywords (keyword phrasing) all over your site. That way search can find you. Emplacing keyword phrasing no one is looking for is a fine way to insure that no one will find you. Keyword phrasing, next to content, is very important to your being found by visitors.
  4. H1 tags. Each page should have only one H1 headline. It should have a keyword phrase in the tag. It is not enough to say or use “welcome” on your landing page: It should say something like “Welcome to our internet marketing site”. Remember, you will be penalized by Google if you use more than one H1 tag per page.
  5. Title Tags. Title tags are one of the most important elements in getting visitors to find you. “XYZ seo Corporation” on the title tag of every page is not going to cut it. What a sad waste of marketing potential! Every page must have a different title tag: one page could have ”Marketing Strategies of XYZ Corporation”; another could have ”internet promotion of your site”. Use different keyword phrasing for each page. And to appear in Google search (often 80% of all search) use no more than 70 characters and spaces in your title tag.
  6. Links. You need links to you from referring sites. You need to link to sites that have “high authority”. Good linking is very important: It shows those algorithms that you are a social and used and popular site, and that people like to visit you. It you are a member of an association, get them to refer to you, that is, get them to place a link on their site to your site. The more referring sites, the higher your rankings.
  7. Working with GA, Google Analytics. This site, is free to all who sign up for it. It shows you everything about who visits your site: Where they come from on the planet, cities they come from, how long they stay, your most visited pages, your least visited pages, and on and on. You have to have Google Analytics.
  8. H2 tags, bolding. H2 headline tags are also important. Search likes to see keyword phrases in these tags also. Putting your keywords into these headlines and bolding a few will also raise rankings.
  9. Alt image tags. Although it is getting a little better, Google Search really has no way to read an image, unless you tell it that it is crawling an image. The way to tell it is to fill in the space in the altimage tag. Usually it looks like this: alt=””, when it ought to look like this: alt=”best network providers_networkmaps image” This helps to raise rankings.
  10. Images in general. It helps to have at least one image on each page of your site. That image is best if it has an alt tag that has a keyword phrase in it.

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