Data Backup and Recovery Tool

Data Backup and Recovery Tool

data backup and recovery tool imageSecure Webs provides you a secure data backup and recovery tool. So what is backup? The idea behind backup  is to recapture data after its loss. Some data  is lost by simple deletion; other data is corrupted or damaged in transmission, online use or other activities. Most users of software have experienced data loss,  sometime by dropping a laptop, sometimes by  a freak electrical surge. Have you ever felt the relief when you have recovered data that you thought was lost forever? That is what we offer— a fine data backup and recovery tool.

Free Data Backup

SecureWebs performs free data backup services for all virtual servers at no extra charge. The data backup Services are not intended for disaster recovery, but do provide a “last line” of defense against the risk of losing important data.

Managed Backup Solutions

In addition to our free included data backup services, customers using our facilities can purchase additional backup storage (Managed Backup Services) where their data is copied to the Amazon S3 File Storage network. While the specifics of Amazon’s S3 design are not in the public domain, it manages data with an architecture that employs object storage. Its data storage provides scalability, low latency and high availability at extremely reasonable prices.

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