What if you no longer had to worry about RDP and MSSQL attacks? What if you could avoid walking your customers through the process of a virtual private network connection? It would make the job of managing and leasing servers simpler and safer.   After enduring years of Windows machines always under attacks there is now a very satisfying solution […]

FlySpeed SQL Query

FlySpeed SQL Query is a simple and fast SQL query tool for all database users and developers. It allows you to build queries on many different database servers without needing deep knowledge of SQL syntax and to work with data fast and easy. FlySpeed SQL Query tool facilitates the process of building SQL by letting you […]

How to Backup a MSSQL Database

After connecting to the appropriate instance of the Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine, in Object Explorer, click the server name to expand the server tree. Expand Databases, and depending on the database, either select a user database or expandSystem Databases and select a system database. Right-click the database, point to Tasks, and then click Back Up. The Back Up Database dialog box […]

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