Which Is Better – One SSD or Two Raid 0 SSD’s?

As it turns out in practice you should save a few dollars and purchase just one larger solid-state drive as opposed to two solid-state drivesIntel SSD in RAID-0.  You could expect to push more data with the two drive however in real world use it would be hard to tell the difference. We take speed very seriously at SecureWebs, but we want our products and services to be price competitive too.  If you are a video editor or have the task of frequently encoding one format to another, a job that can bring a strong workstation to it’s knees, the RAID-0 would be an advantage. If you just send emails, tour the webs, stream  you’re tube videos – then you won’t care. And another consideration is RAID-0 with two drives doubles the odds you will have a drive related issue.


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